Navision crashes when printing on a specific printer

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Hell-oh out there,

i have a Problem in Navision 4.02 when trying to print on a specific printer shared on a server. Setting this printer as the default I can run the preview without problems, but when trying to print Navision crashes immediately.
The error occurs on every client printing any report. Printing on the same printer from every other application works excellent.

Any suggestions?

Thx a lot!


  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Try another printer drivers. If you want to use preview as a proof of correctness of the driver, you need to set the printer as default printer on your system (the dafult printer parameters are used for preview).
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  • nunomaianunomaia Member Posts: 1,153
    Once I had a similar problem when printing to a PDF printer. I changed drivers and it solved the problem.
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  • Ian_BachusIan_Bachus Member Posts: 21
    Have you tried looking the windows event logs? Maybe that could provide some direction?
  • davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    Is this a printer you select thru Windows or a predined printer in printer selections?
    If you use a printer pathname in the Printer selection table and the pathname is not valid, you will get a Navision error that will be totally unclear as to what the real problem is.
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