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I want to have two sales units of measures for single item like kg and pounds. How do I do that? And where will those relation be stored? That means if I can do that, where will the entries for item and kg, and item and pounds will be stored?


  • darshanmdarshanm Member Posts: 280
    Hi !

    you can define multiple UOM for an Item on Item card,
    drill down Base UOM foeld. You can define UOM with conversion factor

    e.g Base UOM is Nos Qty per UOM= 1
    BOX Qty per UOM= 50

    It means, 1Box contains 50 Nos.

    If you receive / sale 1 box, system will do the transactions for
    50 Nos.

    Note : System will carry the Item UOM only in Base UOM
    In this case only NOS and not in BOX.
    Darshan Mungekar
    Senior Consultan
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    You define Sales Unit of Measure in the Invoicing tab of Item Card. This field is used to assign different measures in sale processes. For ex when you purchase item you can use box, when you sale you can use piece etc.

    Like darshnam said the unit of measure is always same in ledgers. If not it will be impossible to sum quantities. You can have a look at Item Ledger Entry table which is the main table of Item Transactions.
    Ufuk Asci
  • roshanthaparoshanthapa Member Posts: 90
    Thank you people for ur replies. Actually I sorted out the problem before you people replied. Anyway, thanx again for ur replies.

    It's good to know that still there are people who believe in Knowledge sharing.

    thanx folks.
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