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By mistake i imported the sales order lines with line nos. in continoues sequence ie., 10000,10001,10002 etc.,. Now after creatiing the DO when i try to undo the shipment i m getting the error message that 'There is no space to insert the lines'. The reason is when system tries to insert a line between 10000 and 10001 it does'nt get the line no.

Hence i m unable to undo the shipment for these delivery orders.

Is there any way to overcome this ?

Student :)


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    May be just to change the logic for getting the new line no. and not inserting the lines between two a´but adding them to the end of document. But do it just temporarily and then remove this change...

    You can try to renumber the lines, but there are entries refering the lines in some tables, and you will need to find them all...
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    Instead of using an undo shipment make a Sales order return.
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    or for this sales order,

    enter two new lines for each existing line, one with a negative qty for the item you want to put back in inventory (undo shippment) and a second line with the positive qty

    do a ship on the negative lines this will have the affect of undoing the shipment, and when you really want to ship this item then ship the newly created positive lines. It is a way to recover without coding. you could also create all the lines with a dataport to import into the sales orders if you have a lot of them.
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