Index Hinting Whitepaper

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Index Hinting Whitepaper
Since update 6 Microsoft Dynamics NAV has enabled index hinting by default.

It is hard to argue with a decision that can do miracles which index hinting can do. On the other hand there is a fantastic query optimizer which can do even bigger miracles correcting users and developers mistakes whether on purpose or not.

Fact is that the problem is in SQL Server, not in Navision. Try searching the web for “Parameter Sniffing” and you’ll find that we are not alone in this subject. So bottom line is that the SQL Server team should take care of it and fix this undocumented feature.

What I have done is what MS should have done in the first place and that is to release a whitepaper describing the problem and how to handle it if is occurs.

This file is uploaded as support for the thread Update 6 for Navision 4.0 SP3: BE CAREFULL.

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