Ftp files with MSINET

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Hi all,

I'm trying to send files with ftp with the OCX Microsoft Internet Transfer Control, version 6.0.
There are a couple of posts about this subject, with some tips, but i can't seem to get it to work. ](*,)
I've tried a lot of combinations f.i (FTP is the OCX-variable):

FTP.Protocol := 2;
FTP.UserName := 'ftp';
FTP.Password := 'ftp';
FTP.URL :=''; or
FTP.OpenURL('ftp://ftp:[email protected]'); or
FTP.RemoteHost := '';
FTP.UserName := 'ftp';
FTP.Password := 'ftp';
FTP.Execute('put G:\XML\Export\NEW7.xml');

But i keep getting the error unable to connect to remote host or a time out.
Can somebody please tell me which commands you have to use for connecting to the ftp-site, logging on and sending a file or several files? [-o<
Needless to say that i can acces the ftp-server through a FTP-program like FileZilla or through a commanprompt.
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