NAV 5.0 & Active Directory

MarkD33MarkD33 Member Posts: 25
We're in the midst of an implemetation and the client wants to use Windows Authentication.

The problem we're having is that NAV isn't recognizing AD. I'm getting this error message.

The system failed to retrieve the global catalog from Active Directory.
This may be caused by network problems, or it may be caused by a lack of Active Directory functionality on your machine or the network.

Active Directory functionality is not available.
Contact your system manager or your vendor for support.

Now, for the interesting part.

The Navision server is a member server (not a domain controller) in a Samba 3.0 Domain. AD is running in the Samba 3.0 domain as opposed to a more traditional Windows domain.

Microsoft wasn't much help on this issue.

So, I'm wondering it anyone hear has any suggestions.




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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Samba is not AD! You need Windows 2000 server with AD to be able to use Windows Authentication in NAV.
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