Navision Client freezes when maximum input field is exceeded

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I had the problem with several windows installations and Navision Financial Client 2.60 that the client freezes (hangs) when the maximum length of an input field is exceeded by the user.

Normally, the client should just beep and do nothing. On my systems, the client freezed and could be unlocked only after waiting for some seconds and calling one or several times the windows taskmanager (without killing a single process). After closing the taskmanager, the beep comes (finally), the client unlocks and works as expected.

Cause of this problem was the use of the following windows function:
- Accessibility Options - Tab "Sound" - ShowSounds - Title bar blinks

(here a description from Microsoft)

ShowSounds, in Accessibility Options, instructs programs that are
closed-caption-enabled to display visual feedback in the form of
closed captioning. With ShowSounds enabled, information that is
typically conveyed by sounds is provided visually as well, by the use
of text captions, informative icons, or other visual cues.

This function was responsible for the freezing client. I had checked the following option:

- Control Panel
- Accessibility Options
- Tab "Sound"
- Checkbox "Show Sounds":
- Option "Title bar blinks"

(Note: because I am working on a German Windows version, I am just guessing the correct terms). The German terms are:

- Systemsteuerung
- Eingabehilfen
- Registerkarte "Sound"
- Checkbox "Darstellungsoptionen aktivieren":
- Option "Aktive Titelleiste blinkt"

All other options (Windows blinks/Desktop blinks) had no effect for Navision, i.e. there is no freezing effect. As I heard from a German Navision forum ( ), this bug can still be seen in Navision 5 (!). I experienced this bug with 2.60 and Windows 2000/XP.

Hope that helps people with the same problem.

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