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Hi everybody,

I'd like to know the way to update a field in a TABLE when I change records on form.
Example : I create a form based on TABLE Test
if the date in the table is less thant the WORKDATE, I want to change a boolean field (also in the table TEST).
I have a error message that I can change anything about the ONAFTERGETRECORD.

Does somebody have a solution ?



  • SbhatSbhat Member Posts: 301

    I would suggest that you create a command button and execute this functionality, because on OnAfterGetRecord you cannot modify a record. Let the form come up as normal and then have the user click a button which would then modify the boolean field based on the condition.

    Best regards
  • pablo.passeropablo.passero Member Posts: 12
    You need an automatic procedure... Create a new function in the table Test or in a new codeunit. Then, call your new function from the trigger OnAfterGetRecord()... The function will contain the source code to change the boolean value from the comparison of Wrokdate value into the current record... as simple like that.

    See the example above: (The function is into the same Table 'Test')

    ChangeValue; //this is your function

    IF TestDate < WORKDATE() THEN
    BooleanField := x; //Put your desired value

    Pablo A. Passero
    NAV Developer
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