High Availability and Load Balancing for NAV Servers

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Hi all,

Our client is planning to have 2 servers setup in their Data Center, 1 for North Region (50 Users) and another for South Region (20 Users).
They were asking me how can their make use of the licenses to provide High Availability and Load Balancing for NAV Servers.

Can anyway we can allow 2 licenses pool into one server when another server is down. (e.g when North Region server is down, can they divert the users to South Region Server by loading the North Region license file into South Region server?

Any white paper on HA or LB for NAV?


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    If you are using NAV native DB servers, you cannot do "load balancing". There is just one server for one DB, if you want to have another server, you need another DB. Or, you can have one DB, and two Terminal Services servers, in this case, you can do the loadbalancing of the users that they will be connected to 1st or 2nd TS server (or you can use Citrix in cluster).
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