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Hi to everybody,

When i try to create a primary contact person to exist customer I am getting this error" customer 10000 already has contact business relation with contact CT000001"
My Process:
I am working on cronus databse of sp1.
I created a person name AUSTIN in Contact Card with no CT000167In that contact card I selected Company No CT000067 for this customer. Then i go to Function Menu button - selected Link with existing customer.
Then i got Customer Link- In that I selected 10000(customer No) and Current master fields - customer. then Click Ok
then i am getting above error.Then i click Ok. still it did not create this person as rimary contact person.
what is the problem what i have to do?
My thing is to create a one more primery contact person to 10000.
I need to create primary contact persons to my client.Put some help
How to slove this issue.
I am waiting for u r reply.......... ](*,) ](*,) .


  • Ian_Piddington10199Ian_Piddington10199 Member Posts: 167
    The Link to Customer Function is designed to link a Contact of type Company to a Customer where no link already exists. If you have people at teh company you record as contact you only need to set them up with the Company No. field filled in on the contact card. They are then linked by default. If you raise a sales order agaisnt the customer you will be able to pick any of the people contacts.

    The customer record has one default contact that you can set up and the system will always suggest this contact.

    For standard NAV:
    In your example CT000067 should already be a Company type contact and should already linked to the Customer record.
    Contact CT0000167 should be a Person type contact and only needs to be linked to the Company Type contact by the Company No. field on the contact.

    If you are trying to make the new person the primary contact ont eh customer you would need to go tot he customer card and update it after creating the record.

    Hope that helps


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    define contact with Type = Person
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