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wondering has anyone experienced the navision application slow down all of a sudden from some users within the same network trying to read/calculate from large data pool and the the whole thing just hang for everyone else in the network, and rebooting server seems like the solution?

this problem came up for us when some user is trying to read/write some data within the nav database, and is usually large data pool, but the user has done this for many years now. This problem just happen out of nowhere after many year with it working fine. It also random too, it never happen within the same process or day and time, and we were wondering if anyone have experience this issue and if a suggestion for a look out/prevention when this problem happen or even some type of solution if possible.

thank you


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    1) Update MDAC to newest one on all machines
    2) Check HW bottlenecks on the MS SQL server (RAM, HDD, CPU)
    3) Which NAV version?
    4) HW Config?
    5) DB Size?
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