Use of line printers with NAV

KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
We need to use a line printer for inventory tags. I've been told that this is not easy with NAV. #-o
Does anyone have experience with line printers and NAV?


  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    I don't know how to do it. Have you considered that to have your solution center work on it for a few hours will probably cost more than a laser label printer?
  • nunomaianunomaia Member Posts: 1,153
    It’s better to export information to a third party component and in that component make printing.
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  • KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
    Just to clarify, we are the solution center and the tag will need to print on a multipart - tear form. We are currently planning to export it, however it would be nice if we could print it directly (although it may be more a problem to connect the line printer from their legacy system to a network)
  • Flash_GordonFlash_Gordon Member Posts: 2
    I designed some Reports for a lineprinter a few yrs ago with Navision 2.60. And it was no Problem. Go to Word, Change the Printer to your line Printer. Then you see the printer Fonts (with no TT Symbol in the Font Dropdown box) , copy the Name to the TextBox in Navision) Then the Printer uses the Fast ASCII Font. Was that your Question? Or do you need Barcode too?
  • KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
    We currently do not need to bar code, but will in the future. We'll check this out. Thanks.
  • wirtnixwirtnix Member Posts: 50
    i have 3 line printers running. no problems: :D
    i use the windows General/Standard printer driver.
    if you have problems with some characters, then in the driver settings you can setup the codepage of your country.

    this driver sends pure ascii to the printer, so nothing can go wrong.
    you only must setup the printer itself to the right font size, etc.
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