prevent printing shipping document with sales invoice

drlopezdrlopez Member Posts: 4

Standard NAV prints a shipping document with the sales invoice if you
post and print a sales invoice(shift + f11). How can you avoid that a shippingdocument will be printed with the sales invoice?

I checked already codeunit 82 salespost + print but....


  • cnicolacnicola Member Posts: 181
    On Sales & Receivables Setup there is a boolean field called "Shipment on Invoice". If checked the system creates a shipment record as well when posting an invoice.
    Unticking that will not create a shipment and hence not print one.
    Now if you still want a shipment record created but nothing printed you probably will have to change the code slightly.
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  • themavethemave Member Posts: 1,058
    goto to report selection

    Administration menu --> Application setup --> Sales & Marketing

    report selection

    Select invoice in the lookup field it will show the documents that print when an invoice printes. remove the shipment document from the list and you are done
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