Prevent quantity change in PO

souravbsouravb Member Posts: 135

I have created a New Purch Order from a Requisition worksheet line. I dont want the user to change the Quantity to something more than that mentioned in the requisition line quantity field. How to acheieve this. Plz help.


  • themavethemave Member Posts: 1,058
    A simple way is to create a po form and make the qty field not editable. This way the user can see it but not change it, and they can still edit other things on the line like the qty to receive.

    keep your original PO form on a separate menu for access by people that can change the qty.

    if you try to do it with permissions or other coding it will get pretty complicated.

    you could also implement a field level security, search the forum for suggestions on that.

    this is also an add-on that does it for you.
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