5.1 client turn on debugger

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With 5.1 can we turn on the debugger and see where the code errors out?

Or is there a way to find out what object the error came from?

This is will make our live harder to find out the problem.
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    I'm sure with the final product there will be a working debugger. How did you get access to 5.1?
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    I don't. I wish did have access. That way I would answer my own questions. :D
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    One more question. I was reading about clustering on sql and that navision supports it.

    Basically navision disconnects when there is a failure, and navision client has to connect.

    The reason why navision client disconnects was explained in the document was that Navision doesn't use sql native drivers, but ODBC?

    So is the service tier in 5.1 will use native drivers and will it stay connected?
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    Oh you're just brainstorming :)

    Good questions, and you probably won't get many answers. Some of the things you're asking are just not known yet, MS keeps a very tight lid on that information, because they don't want to be pinned down.

    The things that some of us do know are under NDA, so we're contractually not allowed to discuss any of that. I personally wish it were different, I think it would be a great service to the community if they'd allow us to share.

    It's not too far out until they release the tech preview though, last I heard it's coming in November.
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    well I will still pose the question, so that when they release it, I and everybody will plenty of question to answer. :)
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