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HI Experts,

This is very simple question.
I want to know what are the table effected when purchase order posting is done.

When i do customization which are the thing i have to kept in mind to follow the rules for sales posting / order posting etc. In which table the entry goes.

Thank you


  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    Turn on the client monitor and post an order, this should list everything affected, but remember this will depend upon your configuration, if you are using warehouse then more tables will be hit
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    When you click on "Navigate" on a posted Order, you'll see the tables where entries are created. The number of tables/records depends on various settings & type of lines (Accounts, Items, etc.).
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  • JAYESHJAYESH Member Posts: 290
    Thanks for the reply...
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    Some more which are not shown on the navigate option..

    1. Postd document dimension and ledger entry dimension.
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    another way you can find out is this.
    Before posting. Goto->file->database->Information->tables.

    Copy it for the company you are in into excel.
    Post the transaction.
    Go back to the table list and copy it into excel.

    Compare the number for records that are different. That'll give all the tables that have inserts or deletes.
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