Customer Rebate Issue

andrewcoperandrewcoper Member Posts: 13
Has anyone had any experience of developing a customer rebate system, whereby a set % of any sales invoice is posted to a balance sheet account as a rebate, but leaving the customer ledger showing the full gross value. , ie,
Sales Invoice 100, not showing any record of rebate on print of report
Rebate 10%

Sales Value will be 90
Rebate Accrued will be 10
Customer Ledger Entry 100

Any help/guidance will be welcome



  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 322
    edited 2020-04-01

    At the end I made myself. Basically a simple journal posting in the background did the job (-negative amount to account and balance account the other desired one). I was thinking some more complicate thing but this made the job, at least for me.

    you can subscribe an event/write your function on just before
    SalesInvLine.INSERT(TRUE); in CU80.

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