Solutions for 8401A (C/SIDE Solution Development) Training C

shadidiazshadidiaz Member Posts: 15

I am Learing Navision 4.0 Development 2 and was Looking for the Solution.Fob Or the Solution.PDF. I have the Trainer CD. Solution.fob comes with the Student CD

Any Help will Appricate




  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,300
    The solution fobs should be on the trainer cd.
  • shadidiazshadidiaz Member Posts: 15

    I have the trainer CD. I did used the Install Version Browser the Cd through Exploer however I dont see any FOB Files in the CD.

    I did read in one Forum that The Solution.Fob is only on Student CD. (I could be wrong)

    However do u know any link to download the Solution.fob File

    Thanks again
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,300
    I've taught the developer classes and I can clearly remember having the solution objects during that class. I would assume that they came from the trainer cd, because I don't think I had the student ones. nIt might be though that one of the students had the student cd and I got it from there. I don't have the material anymore though, so I can;t help you get it. Ask your partner, and if you work for a partner, search for the files on partnersource.
  • shadidiazshadidiaz Member Posts: 15
    Thanks Destet

    I will Try to contact the Source from where I got my Cource Material

    Thanks again
  • shadidiazshadidiaz Member Posts: 15
    My Bad Luck Contact person is on Vacation for 4 weeks. I think I have to wait till he is back from his vacation

    Is there any one in this forum who has the 8401A : Student CD can Pls. E-mail Solution.fob or Solution.PDF File.

    Thanks in advance
  • shadidiazshadidiaz Member Posts: 15
    Go the Solution.fob

    Thanks a lot KY Dutchie

  • nishth_tripnishth_trip Member Posts: 8
    Hello KY Dutchie ,
    Can you please send me the Solution.fob my Id is [email protected].
    Thanks in advance
  • zafimaamzafimaam Member Posts: 1
    Hello guys,
    Please can you give me a hand and email me the Trainer CD to [email protected]
    I am sitting the Dev 2 exams and find it extremely painful to read the manuals.
    Would really appreciate any help. Please post on this forum and let me know if you have emailed.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Fazeel deen
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