No tax breakdown in Sales Order when printing

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Hello everyone,
Could you, please, help me with the following issue:
In Canada, we have Federal tax for all provinces as well as provincial tax for most provinces (not all). So when I create a sales order for Ontario (that has provincial tax), the system prints a sales order with Tax Breakdown: that is Federal tax (GST) and Ontario provincial tax.

But!!! when I print a Sales order for a province that has no provincial tax, for ex. Alberta, I don't see Tax Breakdown.
Could you advise me what and where I have to set up to see that feature on Sales orders for provinces with no provincial taxation.
Thank you


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    We have something similar with regards to the VAT breakdown in the UK. This only appears if there is a mixture of VAT codes on the lines, so you need to see the breakdown. This is controlled by the code written behind the section in the report. I have no experience of your report but it could be a good starting point to look at the criteria here.
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