NAS to show a message/open a form

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I would like to use a NAS to show a message / open a form to certain users when there are records on a particular table (errors coming from an automatic import). As NAS does not support GUID, anyone knows how to do this?


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    Very interesting questions....! :D

    Yes that's possible, only don't use a nas for it!
    Create a process in the sessions background.

    I created a singleinstance codeunit which i call from codeunit 1 from the function loginstart, so when the user logs in...

    The codunit has a withevents navision Timer automation variable 'nttimer'
    After the creation of the nttimer in the onrun section i just have to set up the interval

    On the timer trigger i just check the specific table and show the screen if necessary....

    Code :
    ntTimer.Interval := 1000;
    ntTimer.Enabled := TRUE;
    --ntTimer::Timer(Milliseconds : Integer)
    IF recTemp.FIND('-') THEN BEGIN
        MESSAGE('found record %1', recTemp.Desc);

    i didn't show a form but that's not going to be a problem i guess.

    In this way you can create myabe some sort of notification system....
    Maybe an interesting idea..... :-k
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    Just as an additional FYI. You never want to have NAS work with any process that requires user input. As soon as NAS encounters any Navision code with a dialog variable, or a confirm/message statement NAS will throw an error in the event log and probably shutdown.
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  • AlishaAlisha Member Posts: 217
    Works perfectly! Thanks!! :wink:
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