Table Locked by User ID

kolaboykolaboy Member Posts: 446
Hi Experts,
I found an error in a database. The error reads: The User Menu Level table is Locked by TT

User Menu Level
User ID

Did anyone have any idea about this error?
Can you tell me what to do to solve this error Please!!!


  • diptish.naskardiptish.naskar Member Posts: 360
    Have you sone any customization in the db using this table user menu level? If not then please get in touch with MS for the same, as this is an issue with locking. Also, just like to ask you...which version is this?
    Diptish Naskar
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  • darshanmdarshanm Member Posts: 280
    try to use row level locking
    Darshan Mungekar
    Senior Consultan
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