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Hi there.

On a location, I have marked the "Require Receive" field.

My understanding of this is that on for example a Purchase Order, you must use a Whse Receipt to receive the stock into inventory.

I found this not to be the case, rather: You can use a Whse Receipt to receive into inventory.

You create the purch. order, add an item to the line (location on header and on lines are the same and has "require receive" checked).
If you enter a "Qty. to Receive" you get your message that says:
"Warehouse Receive is required for Line No. = 0.
The entered information will be disregarded by warehouse operations."

But, without creating a Whse Receipt, just hit F11, and you can receive & invoice your Purchase Order!

Why does it not prevent the user from posting without a warehosue receipt?

(Tested on NAV4 & 5)
Kind Regards,
Ewald Venter
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