How can I launch a report from a menu?...

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Hi everybody,

I'm loofing for a solution concerning the report, i gonna explain it :

I created a report
I removed the different filters of the data item
I use it from a menu

Currently, I can only click on the report and I have the different buttons at the bottom of the screen, Run, Preview, Help

I would like to launch it directly with the preview button...

Which solution exists (Function, CodeUnit)? In wich trigger of the report can I write the code?

Thanks to this website and to the person who can help me...

c ya

Steeve Le Provost


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    Hi Steeve

    I'm not sure I understand your problem exactly. If you have created a report the bottom buttons should be Print, preview, Cancel and Help.
    Pressing preview shows the reports on the screen while print sends it to the printer.

    Your headline suggests that you want to send the report straight to the printer when you press the link. The commend for that is

    REPORT.RUN(Number [, ReqWindow] [, SystemPrinter] [, Record])
    Number is the id of the report
    ReqWindow is whether you want to be able to set filters. (In your case it should be FALSE)
    Systemprinter is whether you want to be able to choose which printer the report should be sent to
    Record is for setting filters to use in the report.
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  • Steeve_globetrotterSteeve_globetrotter Member Posts: 46

    Thanks for your answer but no, in fact it doesn't matter id I can print or not...

    As you told in your reply post, I have the Print, preview, Cancel and Help button available.

    And I would like to preview directly the report when I click on the report in the menu (at left). I don't want to see the 4 button, but I want directly the report...I tried Currreport.Preview but nothing...I don't know if it's a correct solution...


    Steeve Le Provost
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    To my knowledge you can't do that :bug: :cry:
    The closest you can get is to save the the report as a html, and then call the html file.

    Depending on what you are printing in the report, you could put the data into a temporary file, and then call a form that displays the data afterwards. Only useful if you are printing something in a liststyle document.
    Don't just take my word for it, test it yourself
  • Steeve_globetrotterSteeve_globetrotter Member Posts: 46
    Ok... :?

    Thanks for your reply, I'll look for that concerning the HTML save...

    Take care

    Steeve Le Provost
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