Help with Developer I questions

PedrojlsPedrojls Member Posts: 2

I'm going to take the Developer exam in the beginning of September.
If anyone has any sample questions please send let me know were I can get them.

I've seen several questions posted on the forum but it seems to be a mix of developer I and II so it's hard to see witsh one I should look at.

Thanks in advance

Pedro dos Santos


  • nunomaianunomaia Member Posts: 1,153

    If you fully understand training manuals you won’t find it difficult to make development exam. One of the best reading is application developers guide available in client CD.
    Nuno Maia

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  • matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    Development I is pretty easy and straight forward. If you have been working with Navision for even a few months you are probably proficient enough to pass. I had been doing Nav development for a year and passed without even reading the book.
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