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Hello All,

We are going through the process of implementing scanning functionality using ADCS and we are using Warehouse module with Require Put-away, Require Pick and Bin Mandatory. We've swithched on the Use ADCS functionality.

We've created Miniforms similar to the ones in Cronus for testing: ie MAINMENU, LOGIN, WHSEPUTLIST and WHSEPICKLIST.

After we connect to Hyperterminal and select WHSEPICKLIST option the message comes up saying "No Documents Found" even though we have at least 60 pick documents created and ready for picking.

We are getting the same result when we select WHSEPUTLIST option.

Could anyone tell me what else should be done in order to be able to see the list of pick and put away docs.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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    Miniforms activities can be filtered by users. Check if aren’t filters in user field and the user that connects to ADCS has permissions in that location.
    Nuno Maia

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    Thank you for your reply, Nunomaia.

    The reason for not being able to see list of pick documents on the terminal is No. of Records has to be specified on the List on Miniforms (Setup - ADCS).

    But now I am faced with another issue.

    Originally on the Sales Order there is one line (with one item).
    Warehouse Shipment is created with one line as well.
    But when we create Warehouse Pick document based on Warehouse Shipment, this line appears twice.
    (The same is happening in Cronus database).

    Doubled lines appear on the terminal and we have to scan same line twice, which is wrong.

    Can someone tell me is it a bug which needs to be fixed or is it normal functionality? :bug:

    Thank you very much.
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    This is not a bug.

    The way the functinality works is for every shipment line there will 2 pick lines created. One for the Take activity and one for the Place activity. So you take from one bin and place in the other bin which is typically the Shipment BINS.

    If you show column on the Pick activity, you will see a field for Activity Type with Options of Take or Place.

  • soph123soph123 Member Posts: 8
    Hello Rajesh,

    Thank you very much for your help.
    It makes sense now.

    Have a great day.
    Best regard

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    Another interesting issue with posting of Warehouse Shipment with not Base Unit of Measure!

    I've created the Sales Order and changed Unit of Measure from Base Unit of Measure PCS - 1 to PALLET - 12.

    I've created Warehouse Shipment -> Warehouse Pick -> scanned it and post it.

    So far - no problems.

    As soon as I went to post Warehouse Shipment, the following message came up: "Bin Content does not exist. Identification fields and values: ... Unit of Measure ='PALLET'.

    The same message comes up in Cronus.

    I think it's a Bug - should I be changing the codeunit to fix this problem?

    Thank you
  • nunomaianunomaia Member Posts: 1,153
    Working with ADCS in Warehouse you should always have a base unit of measure in item card. I don’t know how you got a missing bin content. Try to do the same process with a base unit of measure.
    Nuno Maia

    Freelance Dynamics AX
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  • soph123soph123 Member Posts: 8
    Thank you for your input, Nuno Maia.

    We've been using Warehouse functionality for quite a while.

    Normally Unit of Measure is copied from the Sales Line to the Pick Line and Navision allows you to enter any Unit of Measure available for the item on the Sales Line (standard Navision functionality).

    Using ADCS functionality, Navision allows you to scan and post Warehouse Pick with any UOM available for the item (not necessarily Base UOM).

    But when it comes to posting Warehouse Shipment, the error comes up.

    Therefore I don't think that ADCS functionality should limit the user to enter only Base UOM if the items is sold in any other unit of measure.

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