Problem to insert data in NAV DB from external appln

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I am having problem in inserting data in Navision rom external appln. A VB based appln is there and when i try to connect to Navision a SIMBA Engine ODBC driver error appears. Can anybody help me plz.


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    1) Without the error nobody can help you. Please, post the error text...
    2) C/ODBC (N/ODBC) is just simple driver and do not support all functionality as other ODBC. You can have problems when using it.
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    if you have teh native database you must use C/ODBC.
    If you use sql database you can use standard sql connections.

    Please read documentations first or use "seach the forum"

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    One key issue to keep in mind when you are using either C/ODBC or C/Front or even native ADO, in the case of SQL - is that when you are writing or modifying values in Navision they are skipping normal triggers and business logic.

    This means that any calling application must make sure all fields contain valid values and do any error or bounds checking. Normally I recommend that any external application treats Navision data in base Navision tables as read only and only writes data to new custom staging tables. This will allow a process within Navision (Report, Codeunit, etc.) to transfer data from the staging table into proper Navision tables through the normal process of inserting records and validating fields. If data is handled in this manner it ensures that any data processed into Navision is free from errors or inconsistencies (remember code fields must be all upper case, and if they're not it can cause database problems).
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