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Suppose if i have a form A with the field BLOB (having the picture).
If i want to get the same data from the Form A to the form B including the BLOB field. Is it possible. Can anyone give me the solution?


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    This is a fairly simple & straighforward task and you can use the copystream function (look it up in online help for more details).

    Here's some pseudocode that should help you out. (Note that i may have the order incorrect on the copystream function as I don't remember the syntax off the top of my head)

    Thats how I have been able to get BLOB datamoved around. Should you not have a BLOB field on a record you can always use an instance of the TempBlob table (Table99008535) to work with BLOBs and streams.
    Jeff Landeen - Sr. Consultant
    Epimatic Corp.
  • njaikunjaiku Member Posts: 116
    Thank you very much for this solution. I have a doubt whether i need to place these coding in Form A or Form B

    Whether i need to place these codings in the table level.

    Can u able to help me out ?
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    I would think it would be easiest to place this kind of logic at the table layer. I try to keep forms as "dumb" as possible, and place any logic into a table or codeunit. As you cannot view all of the code in a form (i.e. you an only see the OnClick/OnActivate/OnPush, etc. triggers of the active element) if code is on forms it can be harded to find and fix at a later point.
    Jeff Landeen - Sr. Consultant
    Epimatic Corp.
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