excise , cess problem

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I am working on indian version of navision 4.0 sp1.
I set up that Excise(16 %) and cess( 2%) in Excise posting setup.

When i select in structure in a sales order and post that sales order .In sales invoice report that excise amount+ cess amount are including in excise amount. But we dont want like that.
Excise amount = 233(excise(200)+cess(33))

What i would like to have
excise amount = 200
cess = 33
i saw that sales -post code. it related to many many tables.
Just i want seperately in sales invoice report.
Please provide solution. How to solve this problem. Iwnat excise and cess seperately in sales report .Please provide solution.

Thanks in advance


  • ameenameen Member Posts: 217
    Hi to all NAV experts,

    Guys please throw some light to solve this issue. How to seperate cess from excise only in sales invoice report. Please provide solution.

    i hope u will provide solution...........................

  • DeepDeep Member Posts: 569
    Use the fields BED Amount and eCess Amount separately from the Sales Invoice Line/Sales Line (whichever u r using)

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