How can I execute C/AL code with C/FRONT?

kazamaxkazamax Member Posts: 13
Hi guys!, I am here once again with one new doubt :whistle:

I need to execute C/AL Code when a table in Navision is modified using C/FRONT, but I don´t know how... I don´t know what functions I have to use (I used "ModifyRecord" but the C/AL Code was not executed) Can anyone help me??

Thanks in advance!!!

PD: Sorry for my bad english... :oops:


  • Igor_BeeoneIgor_Beeone Member Posts: 80
    there are no such possibility to execute C/AL from a C/FRONT.
    You will need to make a workaround in a Navision itself by creating special codeunit which must be runt every time You insert information to Your tables which validates/processes data.
    Search for more information on this forum how to do this. The simplest way would be scheduling such codeunit
    Igor Beeone
  • kazamaxkazamax Member Posts: 13
    Uhmmm... I can´t do that??? Then... what´s the difference between using NODBC or C/FRONT in my web applicattion??

    Somebody told me that the difference was in the execution of C\AL Code from the tables: "...with C/FRONT you can, but with NODBC yout can´t...".

    I will try to find info on how to "...make a workaround in a Navision...", because I don´t know how. All kind of help will be good recieved ^^

    Meanwhile, Any other solution?

    Thanks in advance!!
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Difference between C/ODBC and C/Front is, that C/ODBC is just Database driver for Native DB but C/Front is API for reading and writing data into NAV (SQL or Native). But you cannot run C/AL code without using client or Application server. It means, you need to create some API to run functions you need under NAS (application server). YOu can search for WebServices and NAV and Message Queues etc. to find some solutions...
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  • WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    Indeed ... for me C/ODBC and C/FRONT should be used more for getting stuff out, in stead of getting stuff in.

    C/FRONT has the advantage that it can "read" objects as well .. you could be reading fields, keys, ... . With C/ODBC this is not possible.

    this is afaik

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