HotCopy and e-mail

je79aypsje79ayps Member Posts: 49

If I want to e-mail the HotCopy log after a run what are my options to do this? Do I need an Outlook client running on the server?

I've also seen suggestions to use "Postie" to send the log.

What to do?



  • Igor_BeeoneIgor_Beeone Member Posts: 80
    You need Outlook installed and configured - mail will be sent from default account (HotCopy uses MAPI). In email option you must define email where status should be sent.
    Description field will be in a Subject of a mail and in a body you will get next info:
    HotCopy started at: DateTime
    HotCopy finished successfully (or not): DateTime

    For third parties programs they must read EntryLog and then send it using your program.

    Igor Beeone
  • je79aypsje79ayps Member Posts: 49
    OK, thanks - I'll try that!
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