More than 200 users on Navision

jacquesjacques Member Posts: 6
edited 2004-01-13 in Navision DOS
Can anybody tell me if they are aware of an implementation of more than 200 concurrent users. Can Navision hadle such a capacity? Any special "rules" to be followed?


  • SbhatSbhat Member Posts: 301

    I worked with a 150 users client and when they were on CSIDE environment they were having lot of issues with response time and when they moved to SQL they are doing just fine.

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  • Stéphane_VaboisStéphane_Vabois Member Posts: 17
    suresh, concerning your database based on SQL, are you used the WMS granule ?
    we have some problems with this granule on C/SIDE
    and we're thinking on moving on SQL
  • MuzzyDawgMuzzyDawg Member Posts: 31
    SQL is definitely the way to go when you are looking at any concurrent user count over 50. It may also be affected by the processing that the specific granules use, but I'd just use the 50 count as the breaking point.
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