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foolosofofoolosofo Member Posts: 73

I want to know if it's possible to set a new payment term for next 10th or 20th of next month depending on if 30D are over 10th or under 10th. (So, it won't be 30D).

Thank you.


  • foolosofofoolosofo Member Posts: 73
    I've found that I can use date formulas:


    However, I need a payment term for next 60 days on 10th or 20th depending on the payment date calculated...

    For example, I've post an invoice on 15th day of a month, so the customer will pay on 2 months + 5 days (becoming 20th). However, if I've post an invoice on 9th day of a month, the customer will pay on 2 months + 1 day (becoming 10th).

    Can anybody give me the formula for doing it (if it's possible)

    Thank you!
  • flfl Member Posts: 184
    Sorry, but you can NOT build a conditional payment term.
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