Create Lookup on Object table

kirkostaskirkostas Member Posts: 127
I want to create a lookup to the "Object" table.
I have a new form with a text control and I want to make it lookup to the "Object" table to get an object name. I entered to TableRelation property the "Object" name and it looks like a lookup control but it doesn't work.
I press it and it never show me the Object list.

Can anyone help me?

And something extra...
I want to create in a specific place a new menu item through C/AL code.
Is it possible to do that?


  • bRahmsbRahms Member Posts: 44
    Have you filled in the LookUpFormId on your (source)table. Did you create a form that shows the information of your Object table?

    your extra: you can't specify in menu items, only menu buttons (afaik)
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    The object table doesn't have a lookup form, and you can't get to the table design. You're going to hve to create your own object lookup form and program the lookup in the OnLookup trigger.
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