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Hello all experts

I'm trying to get a calcdatefunction that is using a varible language independent in a Navision Financials 2.60 program.

I've tried the following ways:
EVALUATE(InvPeriodDF,Cust."Invoice period");
AgrHdr."Next invoice date" := CALCDATE(InvPeriodDF,AgrHdr."Next invoice date");
where InvPeriodDF is a DateFormat and Cust."Invoice period" only contains e.g. 1Y or 1M.

AgrHdr."Next invoice date" := CALCDATE('<Cust."Invoice period">',AgrHdr."Next invoice date");
Both produce the same runtime error where the program wants the swedish letter in the date expression. Am i trying the impossible here or have I missed some way to do this. :-k


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    Well, it will work if you change the language in English, it will work. But I have the idea your 2.60 is singlelanguage (like in most countries).
    In this case you need to use Swedish characters.
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    If this is customisation and you want the formula language independant, then could you not use a "Number of Days" Field (Integer) instead?

    I recently hardcoded '30D' in a report, which did not work in the French database, so I changed it Language Independant, to use Date + 30;

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    You need to put pointy brackets around your dateformula like '<+1D>'

    This will work in all country databases.
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    Sorry, I didn't spot your code in the first instance:
    '<Cust."Invoice period">'

    You have embedded all within the single quotes, i.e. you need to do this:
    '<' + Cust."Invoice period" + '>'
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    Oh, and by the way, you need to format it like this:
    '<' + FORMAT(Cust."Invoice period") + '>'

    (I hope this is my last post for this issue :-# )
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