MB7-232 Nav Service Management

has any one got a copy of the test exams for service management or can u advise me on the best areas to cover based on the exam? #-o

I have done four implementations with service management all of which have been heavily modified!!!!!! I am finding the preperation a little difficult have read all the manuals but i have no idea of the question lay outs ???? #-o :lol: :oops:

Any help greatly appreciated :D:D:D:D
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    sennasenna Member Posts: 44
    Hi brendan

    When I did the exam in late 2006, it was split into six modules :

    Service Management Setup
    Service Items
    Service Orders
    Service Price Management and Planning Management
    Service Contracts
    Job Scheduler

    There was little content on the Scheduler and more emphasis on Contracts, Items & Orders. Contracts was probably the biggest area from what I can recall, but just focus on the main themes and that should cover everything.
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    gunavsgunavs Member Posts: 32
    can anyone give me a copy of the manual for service management for 3.7 Nav. I am having trouble with the job scheduler. It runs a report when i do it manually but through the job scheduler it does not.
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