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Dear Experts,

I'm a pretty new in MBS. I have set up 2 companies in NAV, both same setting for the Gen. Posting. When i run Financial Management-->Inventory-->Costing-->Post Inventory Cost to G/L for company 1 it runs perfectly. However, when i do the same thing for company 2 i hit error message "You must specify Overhead Applied Account in General Posting Setup Gen. Bus. Posting Group ='V-LOCAL',Gen. Prod. Posting Group='OB'.

Question: in Company 1 i did not setup any Overhead Applied Account but when i run Post Inventory Cost To G/L it has can be posted. Thus, i do not know why when come to company 2 i hit such error?

Is there anything do with the setting or it coould be some transactions has cause this error occur?

Can anyone help me on this issues?


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    The difference is in the item setup. In the company with the issue you have a setting on the item card where the overhead % is not 0, this has been copied onto documents and the cost is trying to be adjusted. I beleive this will be on a posted purchase order now and cannot be altered, it is an additional cost you want captured. A simple solution is to create an overhead account, post the entry and see what is created, you can back track this then. I am assuming you are not in a live company of course, if you are you need to find the offending transactional line and amend it, which you will not be able to do with a standard license.
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    Thanks for the valuable advice, but i have checked all the Item in the Item Card, all of them the Overhead Rate = 0.

    Maybe there are some previous transaction has the Overhead rate and now the Item Card has been modified. But now to easy my job i'll create an overhead account let it be posted then i'll trace from there.

    If i found the transaction, it is possible for me to Reverse out the Overhead rate?

    If i creat an Overhead Accout for it, can i close it if i do not need it. Cause this error occur could be user accidently wrong enter the Overhead Rate where actually they do not need to.

    One more question regarding recurring journals, In the same batch can i post debtor and creditor together but it is different transaction? and is it possible for me to debit debtor and credit creditor in the same batch?
    or i have to saperate them?
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    I would guess the item card has now been corrected and you have a posted transaction with this defined. If you specify the account in the posting group you can post it then investigate it. You could then block the account and also remove it from the posting group.
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    Thanks... that help me a lot..
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