Error while installing NAV 4.03 on Windows Vista

kgsinhakgsinha Member Posts: 67
I am installing Navision 4.03 on Windows Vista. But after installing, when i run the navision it gives "INVALID LANGUAGE CODE".
Why this problem coming. Please provide the solutions if anyaone knows.


  • marcoengelmarcoengel Member Posts: 5
    NAV 4.03 or any NAV 4.0 version is not Windows Vista compatilbe.
    Microsoft has created a fix to resolve this issue.
    For this fix a support ticket is needed from Microsoft, then they will send you or you NAV partner the link to download the hotfix.
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  • PoltergeistPoltergeist Member Posts: 200
    See this link for the solution.

    Also there is a thread on this already right here
  • kgsinhakgsinha Member Posts: 67
    thanks 4 guiding me.................
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