MAPI Mails with NAV 4.0

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Hello everybody,

I search for a solution to send MAPI Mails from within NAV 4.0 SP2.

What I am looking for is an OCX or DLL which can be used in Navision to create an send mails using standard MAPI. It must be independed from Outlook and work together with any MAPI compatible Mail-Client.

I need to specify / attach at least
- one TO receipient
- one CC receipient
- one Attachment

I need a "success" or "failed" answer from the used component, so I can take according actions, wether the sending of the Mail was successful or not.

Currently I use the functionality of the Codeunit 397 as it was implemented in NAV 2.60, but this don't gives me feedback about the success of sending the mail.

I found "SMTP Mail v1.6" in the download section, but I don't manage to send Mails to external receiptients with this OCX. Internal receipients work, for external I always get error 10035.



  • rkaufmannrkaufmann Member Posts: 70

    it would also be OK, if somebody has an Idea to modify CU 397 from NAV2.60, to get feedback from that CU, if the Mail-Send was successful or not.
  • KYDutchieKYDutchie Member Posts: 345

    Are you working with SQL? If so then you can use Database or SQL mail, depending on what version of SQL. I choose this way and it worked great.This will work with any Mail application.

    It is very easy and straight forward using ADO.


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  • rkaufmannrkaufmann Member Posts: 70

    we are on SQL 2005.

    How can I use ADO to send Mails via MAPI?
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