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Hi to every body,

Just i want to know about reminders. If i create a reminder for a customer and issue that one. But i could not know what will happen next.
Just expalin about what is reminder. What is the main use of reminder. At what conditions we use remindrs. Is this only for customers or vendors.if it is possible could u expalin about this detail.
Can anybody help about this issue.
thanks and regards.


  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    Reminders are for chasing debt.

    Youset reminder levels and text, when you generate them it looks for debts in the conditions met, and produces a letter detailing the debt lines and your text.

    For example your first reminder maybe when a debt is 7D overdue, then the next level would be 7D after the issuing of the first reminder. You chase the debt, arguably, with stronger worded letters. The generation of reminders then steps through the levels to chase the debt.

    You can also add charges for chasing the debt, but if they are not paying the debt it maybe difficult to get this out of them as well!

    I recommend you set one up and have a play with it.
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