Can OR statement be used when applying Table or flow filter?

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Can OR statement be used when applying Table or flow filter to General Journal?
exp. Account Type = Vendor OR Department Code = ADM.


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    No, it cannot be used. You can search the forum for more informations but in general you need to use temp table or marks and filter the table two times or rething the process.
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    Add a function "ShowRecord" to your table that returns a Boolean based on the value of the 2 fields. You will then need to add code to the OnFindRecord and OnNextRecord of the form to check this function and display the correct records.

    I'm not sure if I'm clear on what you are trying to do.
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    I'm also trying to do something similar with Serial Ledger Entries. The fields include Index No., Item No., Serial No., Transaction Date, Transaction Type. I want to display on my Form only the last entry for a given Item No. and Serial No. - I cannot find any documentation that helps me with the OnNextRecord, heck if I comment out my code with curlys the form still is wacky, using Navison 2.0C
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