Average costing: Same day invoices problems

SoulzSoulz Member Posts: 22

I have a scenario which i require some advice:

My item is using average costing method.
On the SAME day, i post some transaction in the following sequence:
1. Purchase order of new item A: Qty = 10, Unit cost = $2 (recieved & invoiced)
2. Sales order of item A: Qty = 5, Unit price can be any amount (shipped & invoiced)
At this point of time, my cost of goods sold = $2 each & stock on hand = $10.
3. Purchase order of item A: Qty = 5, Unit cost = $3 (recieved & invoiced)

Now the problem comes after i post the second purchase invoice. My cost of goods sold for my original sales invoice is automated adjusted to $2.33 each.
Logically, my cost of goods sold should remain at $2 each since my sales invoice is already posted. But somehow, standard navision will do its own adjustments if the invoice happens on the same day.

Can anyone advise how to keep my cost of goods sold at $2 each?

Greatly appreciate...


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