Navision Pad v1.1 (text editor)

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Navision Pad v1.1 (text editor)
With this Pad, you can enter more the 250 charakters into Navision. The entered text will be automaticly formated to a varible length. See the codeunit for a sample demo.

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  • nymannyman Member Posts: 19
    There is no way to Linux. Linux is the way !
  • SchirlingSchirling Member Posts: 2
    it's a nice tool!!!

  • SchirlingSchirling Member Posts: 2
    Can somebody give me the source-code of the dll-file???

    I have a permanent ERROR at editing large amount of textlines.

    Runtime-Error '9':
    Subscript out of range

    :shock: :-s
  • danielrvdanielrv Member Posts: 1
    When i write texts over "X" lines, the pad crash, and you could use the editor till you reinitiate the navision application. Of course the same error 9 appears. Have to be a .dll problem, so if someone have the key to avoid that error, please public the solutions. Thanks. Dani (SPAIN). :roll:
  • bonbon Member Posts: 2

    I tool works well, but I cannot find a way to store the memo.
    (since there is no external object I cannot import it like word).

    somebody solved already this?

  • kalle.englerkalle.engler Member Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    I just installed this little tool to our Navision 3.70. I only see anything when I run the codeunit 50000. But how can we use this for example in the body of a quote?
    Thanks for ideas!
  • eric_kesselseric_kessels Member Posts: 0
    How can I adjust the max of rows. I have set the parameter: DLL_PAD.maxrows to 250 but it seems that it is only going to a max of 30 rows. Is there a way to ajust.
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