how to Undo a shipment/receipt in an drop shipment option?

sivaguru_ksrsivaguru_ksr Member Posts: 100
Is it possible to correct the wrong entries in drop shipment option?
For example,user has entered the wrong tracking lines during shipment/receipt...After posting the shipment/Receipt user needs to correct the wrongly posted entries...


  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    When you say "tracking lines" do you mean the package tracking number? You can change the package tracking number on the shipments after it's posted.
  • sivaguru_ksrsivaguru_ksr Member Posts: 100
    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for the reply.

    while creating an receipt,item tracking lines was entered wrongly and document has been posted.since it is related to an drop shipment option,paralley shipment will also be created with same item tracking lines(which was entered wrongly during receipt of related of PO)

    So,it is neccesary to correct the item tracking lines(serial no.) in both Shipment and Receipt.But,Navision doesn't allow us to undo the shipment/receipt which is related to Drop shipment option.

    I think ,Only possible way is to create Invoice for both PO and SO (related to a drop shipment) and then by creating Credit memo's with function-->copy document option for Posted sales shipment,Posted sales Invoice,Posted purchase invoice,Posted purchase receipt....then we have to proceed with creating a new document(SO-->PO) ....
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