Which NAV Conference should I attend

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So just to sum up all the different conferences:

1. Convergence

This is the 'customer' dynamics confrence. Partners can bring their customers and let them interact with Dynamics product team members and peers. If you are an end user and you see Dynamics as the product that changes your business compared to your competitors, then this is your conference.

2. Tech Ed

This is the 'developers' dynamics conference. As for a developer Dynamics is only a part of his job, this is where he should be. Tech Ed includes all Microsofts products including SQL Server, Sharepoint, Office, Visual Studio and Dynamics. There should not even be a discussion about the importance of the other products and thus this conference to a developer.

3. Partner conference

This is a 'Partner-Only' conference ment for open interaction between Microsoft and their resellers. For Microsoft this is the most important conference to interact with their partners. If you are a partner and take your relation with Microsoft seriously then you should really attend this conference.

4. Directions

This is the 'Odd-One'. This is a NAV partner to partner conference with Microsoft as a sponsor. This conference is for partners to exchange knowledge and best practices. Also it is used for ISV's to find resellers in other countries/regions.

Basicaly you should decide which one fits you best. I have not yet been to the WWPC but have attended all others.


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