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Well I do have quite a couple of questions.

During the intallation of the CRM server it asks us to select the Organizational unit to contain the MS CRM System groups. What is the impact on the OU after we have selected the OU in the installation?

Secondly during the intsllation it asks to go with the Default Web site or Create a new one. What happens if we select Create new website?

Thanks in advance for your valuable reply
Diptish Naskar
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    Not sure about the first question but. When setting up the web site if you let CRM set it up then it will default to port 5555 and setup everything ready to go otherwise if you dont let CRM set it up you will have to select the port to run it on and setup the site yourself!
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    Not sure about the Organization Unit.

    The Default Website comes as default when you install IIS and assigned to port 80. If you open your IIS and expand the three nodes on the left, you will see Default Web Site under the Web Sites node. You can access the Default Web Sites by typing http://yourcomputername/ at your Internet Explorer.

    If you choose to create a new website, the installation will create a new website under the Web Sites node, which is the same level as the Default Web Site. By default, CRM installation will assign port 5555 to this installation. Therefore, you can access the site with http://yourcomputername:5555

    Microsoft recommends to create a new website for Dynamics CRM. If you use the Default Web Sites, there is a possibility of the installation will caused you other web application deployed under the Default Web Sites to not working properly.
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    Hello and Happy New Year
    Now i'm trying to learn CRM. But i can't install it. My OS must be Server OS?
    And more what i need?

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    For the installation of MS CRM 4.0 you need:
    -window server 2003.
    -IIS should be configured.
    -Your CRM user must be the user of the specified domain in actve directory.
    -Atleast 2GB of RAM.

    These are the necessary pre requisites to start the MS CRM installation.

    Neha Marwaha
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    Thanks Neha!
    bye my work, bye navision
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