How to move data in blob fields between tables

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If you have data in a blob field that you'd like to move into a blob field in another table, use something like this:
    sourceBuffer.CALCFIELDS(TextData) ;
    sourceBuffer.TextData.CREATEINSTREAM(linsStream) ;
    linsStream.READTEXT(ltxtData) ;

    destinationBuffer.TextData.CREATEOUTSTREAM(loutStream) ;
    loutStream.WRITETEXT( ltxtData ) ;
    destinationBuffer.MODIFY ;

of course the above snippet assums the blob was made up of text data. If not, reads and writes instead of readtext and writetext. Also, make sure your 'temp variable' (ltxtData) is of type Binary not Text.


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    You could just assign the fields. make sure you do calcfields.

    Item.Picture := Companyinfo.picture;
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    Or, if you want to use Streams - use COPYSTREAM,

    therefor you don´t need the READTEXT & WRITETEXT
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