Printing Customer Payment Receipt on NAV 4.0SP1

BeatriceBeatrice Member Posts: 346

Our client received a payment from a customer who was paying partially on several invoices, say 4 invoices.

The payment was applied to the four invoices.

When the standard Customer Payment Receipt is printed, the following is noted, the report prints the Invoice Number and amount paid for the first invoice which was applied, then makes a total of the remaining three invoices and it is displayed on a separate line as Payment Amount Not Allocated.

Please advise.

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    amphysvenaamphysvena Member Posts: 113
    Do you mean report 211 Customer - Payment Receipt?
    This report only shows the invoices closed by the payment or invoices close the payment.
    So in your case, if the other 3 invoices are still open, or not closed by the payment, it won't show.

    Thx, hope I don't misunderstood your question
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