Automatically display the dimensions as we select the batch

vyankuvyanku Member Posts: 791
I create a batches for different sites. I also create dimensions for different sites. I apply restrictions on the posting of general journal for entering dimension and it is working verywell.
Now problem is client want that when he select the batch of perticular site then dimension of that perticular site should be display in the posting line automatically.
So I create field "dimension" in "General Journal Batch' table and apply lookup property to "Shourtcut dimension 1" field in "Gen. Jnl. Line" table Then it shows me dimension of that perticular batch. But when I post that line It will not display in any ledger entry. ](*,)
It will display only when we insert dimension manually. ](*,)
What should I do to solve this problem???
Any suggession please........ [-o<


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    MbadMbad Member Posts: 344
    Sounds like your field doesnt get populated. Do you end your lookup by setting global dim1 (or shortcut dim 1) = Your lookup data? Basicly you should end your lookup with text = SomeData.
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    vyankuvyanku Member Posts: 791
    How can I end my lookup?

    the property of the field in Gen. Jnl. Table is like this
    Lookup("Gen. Journal Batch"."SBU-Project code" WHERE (Name=FIELD(Journal Batch Name)))
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    vyankuvyanku Member Posts: 791
    Basicly you should end your lookup with text = SomeData.
    Will u please explain this???
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