Upgrade from NAV 4.0 SP3 HF1 to NAV 4.0 SP3 HF2

Vinoth_mct2003Vinoth_mct2003 Member Posts: 26
I am using Developers Tool Kit Version 2.00 SP3.

I have to convert my client database which is in Verison 4.0 SP3 Hotfix 1
to 4.0 SP3 Hotfix2(FP1) with the customizations done.

I have sucessfully done the Compare and merge process.
Now i have to export the newly created objects into 4.0 SP3 HF2 base database.

When i try to export the objects from developers tool kit, it allows me to export only in text format and when i try to import it give me error.

I also tried to export the objects directly into a running client of Navision.
But it give me error

"Writing Object(s) to Microsoft Dynamics NAV client failed!
The import stopped at line 294."

How to proceed further?
How to take the merged objects out from developers tool kit ?
Please help me!
With Regards,
Vinoth Kumar.J


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    diptish.naskardiptish.naskar Member Posts: 360
    This error is quite a common error that happens, you can try for the following two steps, hope this will solve the problem.

    1. Check the compare and merge thoroughly, hopefully when u compile once you will be able to find the error.

    2. Go through the txt file through line no. 294 check for the values
    Diptish Naskar
    For any queries you can also visit my blog site: http://msnavarena.blogspot.com/
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