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One of our clients is running navision on SQL 2005 and its database is too big to reindex it by one night. So I'd like to reindex the hot tables only (G/L entry, value entry table etc). But I didn't manage to configure the T-SQL in maintenance plan setup. I followed instructions from the help, but it didn't help. Maybe some of you can help me.

Thanks in advance


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    Nice tools indeed, but there is another way (sorry Mark :wink: ).

    You could create one extra table with the fields:
    - table name
    - group ID

    You can create a stored procedure which reads this table, filters on the group and execute a reindex for these tables.

    If you define:
    Table Name              | Group ID
    Cronus$Customer Ledger Entry | 1
    Cronus$Item Ledger Entry     | 1
    Cronus$Value Entry           | 2
    You could schedule a daily stored procedure like this:
    sp_reindex 1
    And a weekly stored procedure like this:
    sp_reindex 2

    Eric Wauters
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    By the way ... createstats 'indexonly' is good enough

    Eric Wauters
    MVP - Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    My blog
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    thanks Waldo. I'll try to do so.
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